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What are we?

Welcome to the website of Patterns by Jensen, but of course. You would like to know more about us and what we do?

Keep in mind that you can ask deeper questions through robin@patternsbyjensen.com

Patterns by Jensen is a Swedish, Jönköping based pattern designer that is kept active by only a single person to this date.
However, the focus lays on designing beautiful patterns for high quality Home Decoration and Clothes that stands out, and that will be appreciated by a wide audience.

It’s possible to purchase a wide range of Products with design from Patterns by Jensen, but we focus on Pillows and Duvet Covers and Clothes but will expand the product range in a future date as we grow. Miss any product? Let us know!

Collaborations and products
Patterns by Jensen collaborate with Redbubble Inc and various other local companies to deliver and manufacture the products. The products has an high standard when it comes to quality and with design from Patterns by Jensen, you will not only get a high quality product, it will look elegant! And this for a affordable price as well as for a cheap delivery cost and International shipping!

About the Designs and Creative Process
Patterns by Jensen’s core business is designing and has outsourced parts of the process such as manufacturing, delivery and
partial customer support to Redbubble Inc, responsible for Pillows and Duvet Covers, Clothes – to get in touch with Redbubble there are links prepared at the bottom of this page. Keep in mind that you can Always contact us if there are any problems. We Will do our best assisting you.

In the beginning of the process, it is necessary to develop sketches, plan formats and color schemes. The creative work then starts by manually use the drawing tablet, complementing with digital tools, then merge and inspect every layer of the artwork so we can make sure that the artwork as a whole is polished enough to be called done and be ready for selling.

Throughout the process, the focus is always on the fact that the artwork must look flawless on the product that it will be printed on, we want to make sure everything looks not just Great but, Stunning. We are confident enough to say that our products will look Elegant in your home or office area or on you as we sell Clothes now too.

To get in touch with Patterns by Jensen (For guidelines, General help, Design questions, Business Requests)
Contact center
To get in touch with Redbubble INC Support, enter the following link (If you bought Pillows or Duvet Cover)
Redbubble Support



Robin Jensen
Responsible for the content on PatternsByJensen.com and pattern design.